Everything you need to know

about Clover POS

Get Paid. Sell More. Run your business Better with Clover POS.

Clover replaces your cash register,

payment terminal, receipt printer, and

barcode scanner with an integrated

suite of products. Accept credit cards,

EMV, and Apple Pay. Get to know your

business and your customers better

with reports you can run at work or

from home and applications that

streamline your workload.


Get More Done With Less Work

Clover POS takes care of the business side of your business so you can do what you do best.

Run Your Business Better

Timesheets, payroll, marketing, accounting... Clover handles all the stuff you don’t have time for, so you can focus on the stuff you got into business for.

Smarter Data

Gain a better understanding of your customers and see how you stack up against your local competition.

Peak Performance

Track sales, inventory, timesheets and lots more to help you stay on top of things.

Bank On It

Turn future credit card sales into working capital. Get the cash you need to fund almost any business need!

The Perfect Fit For Your Business

Personalize your POS System further by downloading various applications. The Clover App Market provides full customization to your Clover POS System through an ecosystem of business applications.


The flexibility and customization options of your Clover Station along with time-saving and intuitive apps are what truly set the system apart.


Grow your system’s capabilities by adding apps to manage stock inventory and sales, discounts, loyalty schemes and gift card programs at the touch of a button.


Some Clover apps are completely free of charge while others may charge a subscription fee. Others offer a 30-day free trial which enable you to try the app in advance and make sure that it suits your business needs.


Let us walk you through the steps of figuring out what POS System is a right fit for your business.


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  • Clover Station

    Your Clover Station comes out of the box configured just for you and ready to take payments with a simple setup- no IT consultant required! To get even more from Clover, customize it with a variety of apps to suit your particular business.

  • Clover Mini

    A large touch screen, an intuitive interface, and the choice of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (HSPA+) wireless connectivity makes transactions easy. You can even add applications to manage employees and keep track of customers. Or plug in an integrated weight scale or a barcode scanner for a faster checkout.

  • Clover Mobile

    Clover Mobile is much more than just a credit card  reader. You get all the business-building features that Clover is known for, the ability to add optional applications to customize your system, and cloud-based data storage.

  • Clover Flex

    The Clover Flex helps you do business where your customers are. It’s ultra-portable, so it's perfect for checking out in the aisle, at the table and at the counter.

  • Clover Contactless

    Accept payments on the go,

    wherever you go. Whether you’re selling at the local farmers market or at a customer’s job site, Clover Go makes it easy to take your business to your customers

  • Clover Go

    Accept payments on the go,

    wherever you go. Whether you’re selling at the local farmers market or at a customer’s job site, Clover Go makes it easy to take your business to your customers

  • Clover Accessories

    Clover's accessories mean that any functionality you want is available to you. Whether you need to scan a barcode, print to multiple printers, or store your cash sales, Clover has you covered.

  • Clover App Market

    Endless FREE Applications to help you organize, market and grow your business. Clover App Market provides a solution to every business challenge.